(At entrance to Torna Canal) 
Galuf: Butz! Where'd you get that key?? 
Butz: Oh, nowhere... come on, let's keep going! 

(riding through canal) 
Butz: What's that!? 
Lenna: It couldn't be the monster sealed up in the canal!? 
Faris: I can't move the wheel!! 
Galuf: We're being sucked in!! 
Faris: Syldra!! 
Butz: Something's coming!! 

(Fight with Karlabos... then Syldra's sucked in the whirlpool) 
Faris: Syldra! 
Butz: Syldra's still alive! He'll travel with us!! 
Faris: Syldra!! Let go!!! 

Butz: Faris... 
Galuf: Hmm... I think we should leave Faris alone for now... 
Butz: Syldra was the one pulling this ship... [the ship's slowing to a stop as they talk] 
Lenna: Faris, I'm sure Syldra's alive! 

(Arrive at Grave of Ships) 
Butz: Where are we? 
Faris: The Grave of Ships... 
Lenna: It's the place where drifting ships gather... and the home of undead monsters... 
Galuf: Let's just get outta here!!! 

(In one of the ships) 
Faris: Should we keep going? We'll get all wet... 
Butz: What are you talking about!? Let's go!! 

(In the sleeping quarters of one of the ships) 
Butz: Oh man, I'm all wet! 
Lenna: This place looks safe. Let's rest for a while! 
Lenna: I'm going to dry my clothes! Don't look!! 
Butz: OK, let's dry our stuff too... 
Faris: No thanks, I'm OK... 
Galuf: What are you talking about? You'll catch a cold!! 
(Butz and Galuf start to pull Faris' clothes) 
Faris: Hey! I said stop!!! 
Lenna (comes out of the other room): What's going on? 
Butz: Lenna, she's a, a... 
Galuf: A girl!! 
Faris: What's wrong with that? 
Lenna: But why did you...? 
Faris: When I was little, the pirates found me and took me in. So I grew up with them... 
Butz: That's when you decided to pretend to be a man? 
Faris: People would make fun of me! A girl as head of the pirates!! 
Galuf: Ah ha... I knew you were too pretty to be a guy! 
Faris: But please don't make fun of me because I'm a girl! 
Butz: Uh, OK... 
Faris: Well then, let's go to sleep! 

Faris (sees Galuf still sleeping): What are you doing? Let's get going!! Move it! 
Galuf: I think maybe she is still a man...! 
Butz: Either one is fine. Faris is Faris!! 
Lenna: Yeah! 

(arriving at the shore) 
Butz: I've got a bad feeling... 
Stella: Butz... come here... 
Butz: Mom... 

King: of Tycoon: Come here... 
Lenna: Father! 
Faris: Lenna! ... urgh... (she's pulled along with Lenna) 
Girl: Come, Grandpa! 
Galuf: Who are you? I can't think straight! 

Siren: Now I'll steal your souls, and you'll join me!! 
Galuf: Who are you!? 
Siren: So, you're not affected by my tricks? Well, I'm Siren, and I've acquired these three people's souls! Stay out of my way, and I'll let you go. 
Galuf: Forget it!! 
Siren: Why are you protecting these three? 
Galuf: Because they're my... friends! 
Galuf: (to Butz, Lenna, and Faris): Don't let her get you! Wake up!! 
Butz: Galuf! 
Butz: She's coming!!! 

(Fight with Siren) 

Butz: Galuf! You saved us! 
Galuf: Huh...? 
Butz: Don't be embarrassed! 
Galuf: I'm NOT embarrassed! 

(In Karwen... Talk to the green-haired lady who isn't moving; she's to the right of a bunch of barrels) 
Woman in Karwen: There's a place called Worus, beyond the water south of this town. Supposedly they're using the Water Crystal's power... 
Lenna: We've got to stop them! But how can we get to Worus...? 
Woman: We used to have boats that went there, but not anymore, since the wind is weakening... 
Galuf: And we don't have Syldra anymore... 
Galuf: ... Sorry, Faris... 
Lenna: Butz, isn't there some way we could get there? 
Butz: If there's no wind, then we can't go by sea... 
Butz: If we can't go by sea... 

Man in Pub: I saw a dragon flying around, up on the Northern Mountain! Really! 
Lenna: What kind of dragon? 
Man: It looks almost like it's wearing... armor. 
Lenna: My father's Hiryuu is on the Northern Mountain...? 
Faris: What's going on? 
Lenna: There's a weed called "Hiryuusou", and it grows on the mountain. It's the only thing that can cure the Hiryuu's wound. 
Lenna: If the Hiryuu's injured... 
Galuf: If we can't go by sea... 
Butz: We'll go by air! 
Lenna: With the Hiryuu, we can get to Worus! 
Galuf: Then it's off to the Northern Mountain!! 

(On the Northern Mountain) 
Lenna: My father's helmet! 

(Suddenly, Lenna's shot by a poison dart!) 
Butz: Lenna! 

Magisa: So, you came here to find the Hiryuu... [Hiryuu means "flying dragon".] 
Butz: The Hiryuu? 
Magisa: A Hiryuu's horn fetches a pretty good price! Ha ha ha... 
Magisa: Look, the Princess of Tycoon! You'll make a good souvenir to bring back to Forza!! Hee, hee, hee!! 

Faris: Stop!! (jumps across gap; gets pushed down) 
Butz: Faris! 
Magisa: Hee, hee, she fell down!! 
(Faris climbs back up) 
Magisa: Huh!? 
Butz: Lenna! Get up!! 
Magisa: Well if that's how it is, I'll just dispose of all four of you!! 

(Fight with Magisa & Forza) 

Lenna: Thanks, Faris! 

(At the top of the mountain) 
Lenna: Hiryuu! 
Faris: He's hurt badly... 
Lenna: Hiryuu, I'll heal you up! 
(Hiryuu screeches; Lenna walks over the poisonous flowers to get the "Hiryuusou") 
Faris: Lenna, what are you doing!? 
Lenna: I'm OK; I've got to get the Hiryuusou! 

Lenna: Quick, give it to the Hiryuu... 
(Faris feeds the weed to the Hiryuu) 
Lenna: Get better... ... (falls) 
Galuf (seeing Lenna's poison): Uh oh, you might've gone too far... 

(The Hiryuu makes Lenna's poison disappear) 

Lenna: Hiryuu! Thank you!! 
Galuf: You're OK!! Well, let's get going! 
Butz: Well, uhh... I've got this phobia about heights... 
(The other three laugh at him) 
Butz: What's so funny!? 
Galuf: Come on, hop aboard! 

(In Tycoon Castle) 
Minister: Princess Lenna! 
Lenna: Sorry to make you worry... 
Minister: Lenna, please return to the castle! 
Minister: There are so few soldiers left from the battles with the monsters... without you here, the castle'll never regain its splendor... 
Lenna: But I have to go! 
Minister: Then what'll happen to the nation of Tycoon? 
Lenna: But it's not just Tycoon! It affects the entire world! 
Lenna: ... and... Father is alive! 
Minister: All right then, we'll guard Tycoon ourselves! 
Lenna: I'll return with Father. Until then, everyone hang in there! 
Minister: Anyway, stay here for tonight. 
Lenna: Okay... 

(That night...) 
Lenna: Faris? 
Faris: Huh? Oh, it's you, Lenna. 
Lenna: You're my sister... 
Faris: !? 
Lenna: You are, aren't you? 
Faris: What are you talking about! I'm... ...that's ridiculous!! 
Lenna: But... 
Faris: I'm a pirate! How could I possibly be a princess?? You've gotta be joking! 
(Faris leaves) 
Lenna: But, your pendant... 

(Next morning) 
Lenna: Butz! Butz!! 
Butz (half asleep): ... nnh... (trips getting out of bed and waves his arms) 
Everyone Man, he's weird! What the heck are you doing!? 

(Meeting Jenica, elsewhere in the castle) 
Jenica: I've been serving at this castle for quite a long time indeed... I've been taking care of Lenna and Sarisa. 
Butz: Sarisa? 
Jenica: Lenna's older sister. When she was little, the king and Sarisa went out on a boat and it ran into a storm... and Sarisa fell into the water... 

[In the room you come to after sleeping] 
Person: There's something that the minister wanted to give you, but he's away right now. 

[In the store room] 
Minister: Lenna, this is a staff that we've been keeping here in Tycoon for many years. Take it; it may come in handy. 
Lenna: Thank you! [Got the Heal Staff! 

(In Worus Tower) 

Soldier 1: You can't come in here without the king's permission! 
Soldier 2: Who are you people? Get out of here!! 

[In the Town of Worus] 
Girl in SW corner: This is Galura. He lives near the Worus Tower. He's so sweet and nice... you better not be mean to him! 

[In Worus Castle] 
King: Worus: So, Princess Lenna! 
Lenna: King Worus! It's been a while... 
Lenna: Please! Stop the people who are using the Water Crystal! 
King: Ha ha... I'm surprised you'd say that... There's simply no way I can do it. It's because of the crystal that we're able to prosper. 
Lenna: But if you don't do something, the crystal will shatter! 
King: Hmmm... I heard about what happened with the Wind Crystal... But, we don't know if the same thing will happen with our Water Crystal. And besides, the people will be against it. 
Butz: You know, we might not even have the time to be talking about-- 

(Another meteor falls from the sky!) 

Soldier: Another meteor's fallen near the tower! 
King: What? Quickly, gather the troops and head for the tower! 
Soldier: Yes sir! 
King: Sorry, but this is urgent. Princess Lenna, I'll talk with you later! 
King: (to soldiers): Let's go! 

(Inside the tower) 
Soldier on left: Suddenly Galura ran amok and entered the tower! Then the King went after him, and there was this strange warrior too... 
Soldier on right: Galura's never attacked anybody or anything before... 

King Worus: Galura... he's upstairs... please... protect the... 

Soldier (to Galura): Somebody's controlling you! I won't let you break this crystal!! (Galura attacks the soldier) 
Butz: Now he's coming for us! 
(Fight with Galura) 

Lenna: The crystal!! (Crystal shatters...) 
Lenna: We're too late! 
Soldier: Urgh... Sir Galuf!! 
Galuf: You know me!? 
Soldier: Sir Galuf... We couldn't protect the crystal... I'm sorry... 
Galuf: Tell me! Who am I?? 
Soldier: The Fire Crystal... 
Faris: The crystal chips are.. glowing? 
Butz: Are they going to lend us their power? 

The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... 
Berserker... Red Mage... Caller... Magic Swordsman... Time Mage... 
(Note that there's one crystal chip that you can't reach...) 

(Tower shakes) 
Butz: What's going on!? 
Faris: The tower's sinking! 
Butz: Uwaaa---!!! 
Faris: Syldra! 

(Syldra rescues them from the sinking tower) 
Faris: Syldra, you're alive! 
Faris: Syldra!! 
Lenna: You used the last of your power to save us... 
Faris: Syldra--! Don't die!!! 
Lenna: Syldra... thank you... 
Faris: Syl...dra....... 

[Is Syldra dead...?] 

(Back at the Castle of Worus) 
Guard (left): An injured soldier from Karnak showed up here... he's resting in the soldiers' room. 
Guard (right): He came out of a hole in the meteor up north. Said something about a warp... 
Guard in soldiers' room: If you ever meet a monster named Garkimasera, well then it's just about over for you... 
Karnak soldier: I went to check out this meteor near Karnak and I was suddenly warped to the meteor here... Hey, where am I? Where the heck's my castle!? 

[In the King's room] 
King: So, what you were saying is true... cough... 
Lenna: King Worus! Are you all right? 
King: Hurry to Karnak. They're using machines to magnify the crystal's power. And it looks like a meteor's fallen there as well... hurry before it's too late!! ...cough, cough... 

[At the meteor] 
Lenna: Butz! 
Galuf: Did he get warped? 
Lenna: Better go after him! (jumps into the warp) 
Galuf: Somehow this seems familiar... and how did that soldier know who I was...? Who am I...? 

[In Karnak] 
1: Nobody can go in the castle, 'cause some monsters that came out of the meteor are after the Fire Crystal. 
2: We can make weapons so easily thanks to the Fire Crystal! That's why they're so cheap around here! 
3: This is Karnak. It's because of the Fire Crystal that our city prospers. 
4: There's an ancient library south of here. That's where Dr. Cid's from. 
5: Cid's the one who made the machines that amplify the crystal's power! Isn't he fantastic?! 
6: The people down at the Ancient Library kept talking about using the crystals' power and stuff, and so the Queen got mad and built a wall so that nobody can get to the Library anymore. 

[In the weapon shop, while buying something] 
Soldiers: You there! Don't move!! 
Soldier: It's them!! 
Butz: ??? 
Soldier: They're monsters!! I saw them come out of the meteor!! 

[in the Karnak jail] 
Galuf: Well, now we're stuck... 
(Cid bloes up part of the wall 
Cid (in next room): What are you laughing at!? Oh well, it's OK. I'm Cid. 
Lenna: Cid!? The same Cid who built the machine that amplifies the crystals' power? 
Cid: ...... 
Lenna: ...sorry... 
Cid: No, it's all my fault... 
According to a book I saw in the Ancient Library... in the past, the crystals had power that was incomparably greater than what they have now... so I researched the crystals in Tycoon, Worus, and Karnak, and created devices that would magnify their power... 
But, I had made a mistake... If you try to magnify the power of the crystals, they shatter... It's all my fault... 

Butz: But why are you trapped here? 
Cid: Since it was too late to save the crystals in Tycoon and Karnak, I figured that I had to stop Karnak's crystal from shattering. But when I went to stop the machine, they caught me... 
Butz: But you had the same objective as they did... 
Cid: Are you trying to protect the crystals too? 
Butz: We've been entrusted by these... 
Cid: What!? By the crystal chips?? Who ARE you people??? 
(Karnak Minister comes running in) 
Minister of Karnak: Dr. Cid!! It's terrible!!! 
Cid: What happened? 
Minister of Karnak: It's just as you said! There's a crack in the Fire Crystal!! 
Cid: What?! 
Minister of Karnak: Well at first we tried to stop the engine, but since we amplified the crystal... 
Cid: In the Fire Power Ship? 
Minister of Karnak: Huh? 
Cid: Maybe the Fire Power Ship is sucking the energy out of the Fire Crystal... 
Minister of Karnak: Cid, please lend us your power! 
Cid: How about we let these people here help us? 
Minister of Karnak: But they came out of the meteor! They're friends with the werewolves!! 
Cid: Well then, without them I guess I won't be helping you! 
Minister of Karnak: I... I understand. 
Cid (to our heroes): Will you help us? 

Cid: I'm headed for the Fire Power Ship. It's a dangerous place, so be prepared before you come. I'll be waiting! 

(As you're about to leave the castle) 
Soldier: Aaaahhh! A werewolf!! 
Soldier: (to the wolf) You can't come in here! 
Soldier: Cid's explosives'll get rid of him... but he'll be back! 
We won't let monsters take one singe step into this castle! 

(In Fire Power Ship) 
Cid: I've been waiting! As we suspected, the ship's engine has been absorbing the Fire Crystal's power. 
Butz: The engine? 
Cid: Right. So if we don't hurry up and stop the engine, the Fire Crystal will shatter. Will you go? 
Cid: You can enter here... but be careful!! The inside is full of monsters! But please do it! 
Soldier on ship: Hurry up, or the crystal will shatter! 

(Wander through the Fire Power Ship and solve some puzzles... they don't involve Japanese knowledge, so I'll let you figure them out yourself. ^^) 

(Engine Room, where they meet Queen Karnak) 
Lenna: Queen Karnak! 
Butz: Huh!? 
Queen Karnak: You people are standing in the way of my revitalization! I think I'll do away with you!! 

(Fight with Liquid Flame) 

Butz: Queen Karnak! 
Queen: It's not just the engine that's causing the crystal to shatter... there's an evil spirit who's using the crystal in order to revive... Please protect the Fire Crystal!! You can get to the crystal room through that pipe... 

(In Crystal Room) 
Lenna: The Fire Crystal! 
Wolf: Oh, it's still safe! ... Galuf!? Is that you?? 
Butz: It's a werewolf! 
Wolf: Stop! I'm not your enemy! 
Butz: Huh? 
Wolf: Galuf! What happened to you? 
Galuf: You know me!? Unhh... I can't remember a thing! Who am I, anyway!? 

Wolf: What are you doing!? If you do that, the crystal will shatter! 
Soldier: That's three... one more, and the seal will be broken!! 
Butz: The lever's broken! There's nothing we can do! 
Wolf: Galuf! While I'm holding this, you guys escape!! Protect the Earth Crystal! It's the last one!! 
Wolf: Go!! If this crystal shatters, the room'll be engulfed in flames! Hurry, get out of the castle!! And protect the Earth Crystal!! 
Butz: But, WereWolf:... 
Lenna: Let's help him! 
Wolf: Galuf... please... 

Faris: The flames are disappearing... 
Butz: Has the Fire Crystal lost its power? 
Lenna: The crystal... it's shattered... 
Galuf: What about the wereWolf:? 
Butz: Maybe he got trapped in the flames... 
Lenna: We'd better hurry! The Fire Crystal is what supports this castle... 
Butz: ...and if it shatters, the castle'll explode! 
Lenna: There's not much time! 

(You've got 10 minutes to escape from Karnak!) [Good luck! Hope you've got "Tonzura"...^^] 
[While exiting the castle...] 
Guard: Think I'm just an ordinary guard, huh? Well look at this!! [shows his true form, which is Iron Claw] 

[After defeating him] 
Butz: The crystal chips... 
Lenna: They're lending us ther power? 
The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Beast Master... Elemental... Ninja... 

[On board the Fire Power Ship] 
Cid: If only I hadn't created those infernal machines! I'm so horrible!! If it weren't for me... (runs off) 
Butz: Cid! 
Lenna: Cid! 
Faris: ...... 
Galuf: Must be tough for him... 

[Arriving at the Ancient Library] 
1: The basement is full of monsters!! 
2: Mid? He's Cid's grandson! 
3: Mid's missing!! 
4: He said he was off searching for some book... and then he disappeared! 
5: This is the Ancient Library, where books from the dim and distant past are kept... 
6: Some of the books down below have been possessed by monsters. 
7: It seems that in the past, the crystals had much more power than they have now. Cid discovered this when he was here, and that's what enabled him to create the crystal-amplifying machines. 
8: What's with this shelf...? 
9: Far to the south of here is a town called Jacole. And in the ruins down there, they dug up some very rare items! 
10: I think something really important is written in this book... 
11: This is the oldest book in the whole library. But we can only read half of it. 
12: There's a monster sealed up in here who appeared near the Wind Shrine thirty years ago. His name is Byblos... 
13: Ooh, I want to burn those books! ... The ones that have been possessed by monsters, that is. But I have no idea which ones they are! Oh, crumbs... 
14: Long ago, Ifrit burned one of the books that was possessed by a monster. 
(Left book) Book written by a blue mage: Finally I've learned them! "Aero"... "Level 5 Death"... 
(Middle book) Traveller's Diary: I think I'll give this strange staff to the people in Tycoon... (Right book leads to a fight!) 

[In the basement] 
Ifrit: I am Ifrit... I've been sealed up in this book for so long... and only those who can withstand my flames shall have the right to call upon me! 
Bookshelf: Won't let you pass! ... I... Ifrit! Oh no! (lets you get by) 

Butz: Who's that? 
Lenna: Mid? 
Galuf: Be careful! I've got a bad feeling about this! 
[Fight with Byblos] 
Byblos: You've got me... but my master's seal is high up in the sky! 
[In the Ancient Library; after defeating Byblos] 
Mid: Hey! Don't bother me when I'm reading! 
Butz: You haven't been reading the whole time, have you!? 
Mid: What? Was it you guys who were making noise back there? 
Butz: !? 
Mid: ...! 
Butz, Lenna, Faris, Galuf: Unbelievable... He seems a little weird... 
Mid: Well, shall we be off? You guys coming along? I know a secret trap door! 

(go through trap door) 
Scholar 1: Mid! 
Scholar 2: Mid!! You're OK!! 
Scholar 3: Thanks for saving Mid! 
Scholar 4: All right!! 
Mid: Huh? You guys came to save me? 
Mid: Thanks so much, everybody! Sorry for not thanking you sooner! 

Mid: Look at this great book I found! Maybe if we use this method here, we can get the Fire Power Ship to work! 
Mid: We'd better hurry up and tell Cid! 
Butz: Cid!? 
Mid: You know Cid? He's my grandpa! 
Mid: My grandpa is amazing! He never gives up, no matter how tough his research is! 
Faris: But now, Cid's... 
Mid: Huh? 
Faris: I think he's... about to give up... 
Mid: No way! He'd never do that! 
Lenna: Mid! 

Scholar: I'm so glad Mid's OK! 
Scholar: Mid left and said he was heading off to meet Cid. 
Scholar:Mid just hustled on out of here! 
Scholar: Said something about Cid... 

[On the 2d floor of the pub in Karnak...] 
Butz: Cid! 
Cid: ...... 
Lenna: Mid isn't here? 
Faris: Come on, Cid! Chin up!! 
Cid: I'm no good anymore... just forget about me... 
Mid:(runs in) Grandpa!! 
Cid: Mid! 
(Mid hugs Cid rather forcefully) 
Cid: Ouch!! Will you stop that!? 
Mid: Grandpa, you fool! You never give up, no matter what!! 
Cid: Mid... 
Mid: Don't you always say, "Don't be afraid to fail!" ... "If at first you don't succeed, try again!!" 
Cid: Mid... so I should try again ... 
... I've got it!! 
Cid: There's still the Earth Crystal... 
Butz: But where is it? 
Cid: Even I don't know. But we have to find and protect it! And for that we need... 
Mid: The Fire Power Ship! 
Cid: We've got to get the Fire Power Ship going... but the Fire Crystal is gone... 
Mid: Look at this, Grandpa! 
Cid: Oh, what's this book? Hmmm..... ah ha, if we do this, and then... OK, let's go! 
Mid: Yeah!! 

[Back at the Fire Power Ship...] 
Mid: You guys are in the way! 
Cid: Mid's just a little too... oh, sorry. Anyway, go and rest until we finish the Fire Power Ship! 

(Inside Fire Power Ship) 
Butz: Galuf, what happened? 
Faris: I thought something was weird... what's going on? 
Lenna: Galuf, are you OK? 
Galuf: My head... I think I can remember something! 

Mid: Grandpa! 
Cid: Mid! 

Kururu: Grandpa! 
Galuf: Kururu! 

Cid: Ouch! Will you stop that!!! 
Mid: Grandpa, you fool! You never give up, no matter what!! 

Galuf: Ow!! Stop that!!! 
Kururu: Grandpa, you fool!