Butz: This is... 
Lenna: Galuf's world? 

[While resting...] 
Faris: ...... Lenna... There are something that been bothering me for a while... 
Faris: Why was it that you did such a dangerous thing to save the Hiryuu up on the Northern Mountain? 
Lenna: Faris... do you remember our mother? 
Faris: Huh? Maybe a little... 
Lenna: When I see the Hiryuu, it reminds me of our mother... 
Faris: How? 
Butz: A monster! 
Butz: Lenna! Faris! 

(Fight with the Abductor) 

Butz: Where are we? 
(Exdeath find theme) 
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!! 
Welcome to my castle!! 
Butz: Exdeath! 
Monster: Sir Exdeath! Galuf and the others have reached the Big Bridge! 
Exdeath: They have? 
Then prepare the defenses! 
Monster: Yes, sir! 
Exdeath: I'm sure you people will be useful for something! 
Lenna: Butz! Look! 
Butz: An image of us, in the sky! 
Kururu: Grandpa, look! 
Galuf: Butz! Lenna! Faris! 
Exdeath: Surrender, Galuf! If you don't, these people's lives are over! 
Galuf: Drat! Everyone withdraw! 
Exdeath: Gilgamesh! 
Gilgamesh: Yes, sir! 
Exdeath: Keep an eye on these people! I have to deliver some news. 
Butz: Exdeath! Why you... 
(Butz is shot by Exdeath) 
Butz: Drat! 
Galuf: Kururu, I need to borrow your Hiryuu! We have to save Butz and the others! 
Galuf (to soldier): Let go of the Hiryuu! 
Soldier: Yes, sir! 

Galuf (to Hiryuu): You go back and stay with Kururu! 
Galuf: So, they're here... 
(open treasure box) 
Received all of the party's items and crystal chips! 
Galuf: Butz, Lenna, Faris!! Wait for me! 

[2] (arriving at the cell) 
Gilgamesh: Who's there!? 

(Fight with Gilgamesh) 
Butz: Galuf! 
Galuf: Wait, I'll open the door. 
Faris: Thanks, Galuf. 
Butz: Sorry, Galuf. We were... 
Galuf: We'll talk later! Now let's get out of here! 

(in front of cells on B1F) 
Butz (ducks down): Uh oh, we don't want to be spotted! 

[3] (On Big Bridge) 
Gilgamesh: All this time, I've been waiting behind this door! I was worrying about what the heck I'd do if you never showed up! All right, let's go!! 

(Fight with Gilgamesh, #1 :) 

Galuf: Kururu! 
Faris: Grandpa!! He's putting up a barrier!! 

(our heroes are sent flying as a barrier forms around Exdeath's castle) 

Kururu: Grandpa! Grandpa!! 

Faris: Where are we? 
Galuf: Grociana Continent... the home of fearsome monsters... looks like we've been thrown into a tough spot! 
Galuf (to himself): They came all the way here just to help me! But somehow... I'm glad... 

[4] (In town of Rugor) 
Innkeeper: Wow, we only get guests once in a blue moon! Tell you what... just for tonight, it'll be free! 

(Galuf sneaks out in the middle of the night and Butz follows) 
Butz: Hey! Where's Galuf? 

(in the pub) 
Galuf: Oh, man! The legendary wine of Rugor!! Sure is good for the throat!! 
Galuf: What's up, Butz? 
Butz: Well, I couldn't sleep... 
Galuf: Oh? Well, sit down. 
Butz: Galuf... we're so sorry. If it weren't for us, you would have been able to invade Exdeath's castle... 
Galuf: But if not for you, we would all have been annihilated by the barrier! I couldn't believe that it was finished... but thanks to you, we survived! 
Butz: Galuf... 
Galuf: But, Butz... why did you come here, knowing that you couldn't go back to your own world? 
Butz: No reason... 
Galuf: Butz... I can't thank you enough! 
Butz: Oh, stop that! 

[6] [In a small forest...] 
Moogle: Kupo!! 
Galuf: A moogle, here!? 
Butz: What's a moogle? 
Galuf: They're shy little creatures who live in the forest. You almost never see them... 

(After fighting Tyrannosaurus) 

Lenna: It's the moogle! 
Moogle: Kupo!! 
Lenna: He looks afraid... Come over here, it's OK... 
Moogle: Kupo! 
Lenna: Are you all right? 
Moogle: Kupo!! Kupoppo!! 
Butz: What's he doing? 
Lenna: Looks like he's calling us... (Moogle shows them the way thru the desert) 

[7] (In the Moogle Forest) 

Moogle: Kupo!! 
Lenna: It's the moogle that we helped! 
Moogle: Kupo!! Kupo!! 
Lenna: Is he thanking us? 
Moogle: Kupo!! (points to chests) 
Lenna: I think he's telling us that we can use this stuff... 

(Put on the moogle suit, get the Elf Cloak, and then the scene switches to Bal Castle...) 

Kururu: What are you all worried about?? 
Moogle: Kupo--!! 
Soldier: What's going on? 
Kururu: It looks like Grandpa is in the Moogle Forest! 
Soldier: ? 
Kururu: Moogles can communicate using telepathy. Even when they're separated, they can talk using their hearts... 
Soldier: The Moogle Forest... that's pretty far away. 
Kururu: Yeah... and the Hiryuu can't fly anymore... 
(Hiryuu squeals) 
Kururu: Thanks, Hiryuu... so you'll fly just this once? 
Soldier: Is that safe? 

(Back in the forest) 
Butz: What are they doing? 
Moogle: Kupo!! 
Butz: The "nose"? 
(Kururu flying through the sky) 
Kururu: I wonder where the Moogle Forest is? 
Moogle: Kupopo!! 
Kururu: Oh! At the "nose"! 
(Imagine a big moogle face drawn over the whole forest; the Moogle Forest is located at the "nose".) 
Moogle: Kukupopo--!!! 
Galuf: Kururu! 
Kururu: Grandpa! 
Galuf: What are you doing here? 
Kururu: The moogle told me you were here! 
Kururu: Quick, we've got to get back to the castle! 

[8] (Back at Bal Castle) 
Kururu: I'm giong to let the Hiryuu rest. 
Soldier: King Galuf! 
Galuf: Everyone, you did a great job while I was gone! 
Soldier: King Galuf! 
Galuf: What's happening with Exdeath? 
Soldier: No significant movement since the barrier's been completed, sir. 
Galuf: I see... what about our troops? 
Soldier: Due to the battles with Exdeath's monsters, they're almost entirely wiped out. 
Galuf: ... 
Soldier: I'm sorry, sir. 
Butz (to Galuf): And I thought you were just some old man... so you're really a king!? 
Galuf: ...Well, I guess I am. 
Butz: Man, I'm surprised! 
Galuf (to soldiers): Excellent job, everyone! At ease! 
Soldiers: Yes, sir! 

Galuf: Butz, what's up? 
Butz: You're a king... I can't believe it! 
Galuf: Why, don't I look like a king!? 
(Butz shakes his head) 
Galuf: What!? 
Butz: I'm just joking!! ... But now it feels weird to call you by your first name... maybe I should say "King Galuf"... 
Galuf: Nah, I was your friend before you knew I was King of Bal...just call me... 
Butz: Galuf! 
Galuf: Right! Ha ha ha... 

(At top of castle) 
Kururu: ...... 
Lenna: Kururu? 
Kururu: The Hiryuu's dying... 
Lenna: Huh? 
Faris: What happened to him? 
Kururu: He was wounded and really shouldn't have been flying... but he did it for us... 
Galuf: To help us... 
Faris: Well, how can we save him? 
Kururu: ...... 
Lenna: The Flying Dragon Weed... 
Kururu: If we had a Flying Dragon Weed, could we cure the Hiryuu's injury? 
Lenna: We could, but does the weed exist in this world...? 
Faris: Surely we could find it in the place where the Hiryuu live? 
Galuf: In that case... 
Butz: It exists!? 
Galuf: In the Valley of the Flying Dragons... but nobody's ever gone in there and come out again... 
Butz: Let's go!! 
Kururu: Butz! 
Galuf: The valley is to the north of this castle, beyond the werewolves' village of Quelb. 
Kururu: But outside the castle, it's full of monsters! 
Galuf: It'll be fine; we'll all go! 
Butz: Yeah! 
Lenna: We'll be OK! 
Faris: We'll get that weed for sure! 

(At the gate) 
Galuf: Open the gate! 
Soldier: But... Exdeath's monsters are out there... 
Galuf: As soon as we go out, seal up the gate, real tight! 
Soldier: But, Sir Galuf! If we do that, you won't be able to get back in the castle! Is that all right with you? 
(Answer yes, and...) 
Galuf: OK then! Quickly close the gate and seal it up! 
Soldiers: Yes sir! Be careful, King Galuf! 
Galuf: They're already here! Everyone get ready!! 
(Fight with Abductor, again) 

[9] (At Town of Quelb) 
Galuf: We'll have to open the gate in the north part of this town so we can get to the valley... 

(At Kelgar's House) 
Wolf: Freeze!! (2 wolves jump down) 
Butz: Who are you!? 
Galuf: Butz, wait! They're our friends!! 
Faris: Friends!? 
Kelgar: Galuf?? 
Galuf: Kelgar! 
Kelgar: It's been a while, Galuf! 
Galuf (to Butz): He's one of the Four Braves of Dawn! 
Butz: Did you fight with Galuf against Exdeath, 30 years ago...? 
Kelgar: Who are you people!? 
Galuf: They're warriors from the world where we sealed Exdeath... 
Kelgar: Friends of his, no doubt! 
Butz: What!? 
Kelgar: You shattered the crystals and revived Exdeath... 
Galuf: No!! They're... 
Kelgar: Out of the way, Galuf! 
Kelgar: OK Butz, let's have a duel!! 
Butz: !? 
Galuf: Kelgar... 
Kelgar: Let's see what's in your heart!! 
Butz: OK... a one-on-one duel... 
Kelgar: Now watch my Lupine Attack!! 
Butz: ? 
Butz: Yeah, I saw that... (pushes Kelgar) 
Galuf: Butz, I think you overdid that one!! 
Butz: Sorry, Kelgar. 
Galuf: Trying that with your old body... 
Kelgar: But how did you defend my Lupine Attack? 
Butz: It's a move I learned from my father. 
Kelgar: Huh? What's his name? 
Butz: Dorgan. (Kelgar and Galuf look surprised) 
Butz: What's with you two? 
Kelgar: You're Dorgan's son... 
Butz: You know about my father? 
Galuf: Your father, myself, Kelgar, and Zeza...we fought together against Exdeath thirty years ago... 
Kelgar: He's one of the Four Braves of Dawn. 

Butz: Then, was he from this world? 
Kelgar: Yes. 


[10] [In Hiryuu no Tani (Valley of the Flying Dragons)] 
Lenna: Look! 
Faris: The Flying Dragon Weed! 
(Weed comes alive) 
Lenna & Faris: Aaahhhh!!! 
Butz: What's this? 
Lenna: The weed attacks people? 
Galuf: Is this why the Hiryuu are becomeing extinct? 

(Fight with Hiryuusou) 

Faris: The weed!! 
Lenna: Let's take it and head back! 

[11] (Back at Bal Castle) 
Galuf: Kururu! 
Kururu: Grand... pa.... 
Galuf: Kururu, be strong! 
Kururu: ...He's calling us... 
Galuf: Try not to talk, Kururu... 
Kururu: He's calling us... Ghido, the Wise One... 
Butz: Ghido? 
Kururu: Hurry to Ghido's place! 
Butz: Who's Ghido? 
Galuf: He's a sage who's lived for 700 years... he predicted the shattering of the crystals on your world. 
Butz: He's the one who's calling us? 
Galuf: He might know something about defeating Exdeath! 
Kururu: ...... 
Galuf: We'll go meet with Ghido... hang in there, Kururu... 
Kururu: OK... you'd better use the Hiryuu... 
Galuf: Don't worry, we've got the Flying Dragon Weed! 
Kururu: Really!? The Hiryuu's on the top floor... 
Galuf: Shall we go? 
Lenna: OK!! 
Faris: Of course! 
Butz: Yeah, let's go! But... where can we find this Ghido? 
Galuf: North of the valley, on a small island off the edge of the continent. 
Lenna (to the Hiryuu): Come on, eat it! 
Butz: It's all because of that weed that the Hiryuu are becoming extinct... there's no way we can get him to eat it... 
Galuf: But if we don't make him eat it, he'll die! 
Lenna: Don't worry... I'll eat it myself... munch, munch... 
Faris: Lenna! What are you doing!? 
Butz: Lenna, that weed's poisonous to humans!! 
Lenna (to Hiryuu): Come on, eat it up... good boy... 
Faris & Kururu: Lenna!! 
Kururu: Here, drink this! 
Faris: Lenna!! 
Butz: Lenna! Are you OK? 
Lenna: Uh huh... 
Kururu: I can't believe you ate that weed! 
Faris: Really!! 
Lenna: Sorry... 
Galuf: Are you all right, Kururu? 
Kururu: Yeah... 
Galuf: Kururu! 
Kururu: I'm... OK... 
(Hiryuu roars) 

Butz: Man, everybody's overworking themselves! 
Kururu: Heh heh... 
Galuf: Now, you go and rest! 
Kururu: Yes, Grandpa. 
Lenna: Thanks, Kururu! 
Kururu: No, it was you who saved the Hiryuu! Thanks so much!! 
Galuf: Now go and sleep! 
Kururu: OK, be careful!! 
Galuf: To Ghido's place! 
Lenna: Yeah! 
Faris: OK! 
Butz: Let's go!