Butz: Galuf! What happened? 
Lenna: Did you remember something? 
Galuf: I'm not of this world!! 

Galuf: I came here on a meteor from another world. Thirty years ago, we had to seal off this world so that the evil wouldn't return... 
Butz: "Evil" returning? 
Galuf: Yes. The Dark Mage Exdeath! 

Braves of Dawn: It's true! 
Here, the power of the 4 crystals has come together! 
Galuf: OK, let's use the crystals' power to seal Exdeath here! 

Galuf: Thirty years ago, I got on a meteor and came to this world... 
Lenna: And if all 4 crystals shatter, the seal on Exdeath will break? 
Galuf: Right... ugh! 
Butz: Galuf! 
Galuf: I really can't think clearly yet... unh... we can't allow Exdeath to be revived... 
Butz: Galuf! 
Galuf: I'm... fine... 

Cid & Mid Zzzzzz.... 
Mid: All done! 
Cid: The ship can move even without wind! 
Butz: Now we can search for the Earth Crystal with this ship! 
Cid: Well, we're counting on you. We'll be going to the Ancient Library. 
Mid: You never know, something might come up. 
Cid: If anything happens just come to the Ancient Library! 
Mid: Be careful! 

Butz: Let's go! 

[At the island town of Crescent] 
Man: It's an earthquake!!! 
Butz: ? 
Butz: What!? Our boat!! 
Man: Hhhheeelllpppp---!!! 
People: Aaahh! I'm scared! 
Butz: Our boat's sinking!! 

(In Chocobo Forest) 
Galuf: What's that? 
Lenna: A chocobo? 
Faris: Not exactly... 
Butz: I'll catch it!! 

Chocobo: Kue--!! 
Butz: He's a Black Chocobo!! 
Lenna: So they're not extinct after all! 
Butz: OK, try flying! Go! 

Chocobo: Kue---! 
Galuf: It's no use... 
Faris: Huh? What's this? 
Lenna: Crystal chips!? 
Faris: They must have been blown over here after Karnak exploded... 
Butz: So he couldn't fly since he had these chips inside him!! 

The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Bard... Hunter... 
(All aboard!!) 
Butz: Man, this thing is dirty!! 
Galuf: Surely it'll fly this time... 

Interlude: Butz's hometown of Lix... 
Kate: Hey!! It's Butz!! You're back!! 
Ben: Butz? You've been travelling for so long! This is your home town. Why not stay for a while? 
Kenshin: So your father got sick and... oh... Butz! Try to be strong! 
May: Butz, is it really you? You've grown up! 
Andrew: Your father took such good care of us... you know what? I'll give ya a discount! (50% off!) 
Nora: Butz!! You've returned at last! I've been waiting for so long... I've got something to tell you when you're trip is over, OK? 
Mark: Butz! It's me! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to go back to the old days again...? 


Mark: Ready? 
Butz: (climbs up onto the roof) I'm ready! 

... sun goes down ... His friend doesn't come... Butz starts 
to get worried. 

Butz: (slips) Hey! Somebody!! Heeeelp... 

~flashback ends~ 

Mark: That's how you became afraid of heights, right? We were such kids back then... now I'm planning to become a scholar. 

Adam: A bard lives in your house now... 
Tat:(the bard in Butz's old house) Are you the one who used to live here? Go ahead and look around; there must be a lot of stuff that brings back memories for you. 
(At Butz's house -- flashback scene) 

Butz is in bed. His mother (Stella) is next to him. When she thinks he's fallen asleep, she walks over to Dorgan. 

Dorgan: Is he asleep? 
Stella: ... Dear ... Are you going away again? 
Dorgan: No... I'm not going... 
Stella: My spasms have calmed down somewhat... but I really would like us to live together as a family... 
Dorgan: I know... Let's go to sleep. It's not good for you to be staying up like this. 
Stella: Yes... as soon as I finish this. 

[Stella walks away; Dorgan runs up to Butz.] 

Butz: You're going, aren't you? 
Dorgan: Ah ha! So you were awake... 
Butz: Are you going to guard against those bad guys again? 
Dorgan: Yes... That's my job. 
Butz: Can you take me too? 
Dorgan: No, you've got to stay here with mom. Don't tell her I'm going away this time, okay? 
Butz: Okay. 

Dorgan: Let's go to bed. Stella! You rest too. Stella......? 
(Stella lies on the floor.) 
Dorgan: Stella! 

Tat: What a sweet melody. I just thought of a nice song... and I'll dedicate it to your memories! 
Got the "Song of Weakness"! 

Bob: Hey, Butz! Go ahead and rest; it's on the house! 
(Our heroes sleep at the inn, and Butz sneaks out in the middle of the night to visit his mother's grave.) 

Faris: Butz, what's wrong? 
Butz: Oh, it's you, Faris... 

(Faris reads the grave inscription) 
"Stella rests here" 

Butz: My mother. 
Faris: Huh? 
Butz: I was born in this village. My mom died when I was little. After she died, my dad and I went around and travelled for a while... Then three years ago, he got sick and died as well. 

(Butz writes on the grave) 
Butz: There... 

and his beloved wife 
Stella, rests here." 

Butz: Dad asked me to bury him next to mom... He was a strong man... 
Faris: A father... I wonder what it's like to have a father.. 
Butz: Faris, you mean...? 
Faris: Let's go back in! We don't want everybody worrying about us! 

(At the ruins) 
Butz: Where's this? 
Faris: Maybe it's the ruins that Cid was talking about... 
(they spot the King of Tycoon) 
Lenna: Hey, was that...? 
Faris: King Tycoon!? 

Lenna: Father! 
Faris: ......Dad!! 

[back at the Ancient Library] 
Cid: Oh, you're back! 
Butz: Cid... we were on Crescent Island, and the Fire Power Ship... well, it sunk. 
Cid: Oh really... 
Mid: No big deal! We'll make another Fire Power Ship!! 
Cid: Anyway, I spotted the King of Tycoon!! 
Lenna: Really!? 
Cid: Seems that he showed up in Karnak. Then it looks like he went into the desert... 
Faris: The quicksand desert? 
Mid: It's a desert that spreads out west of here. The sand is... flowing. 
Cid: And nobody can get in there! Supposedly there's a ruined city beyond the desert... 
Butz: But how did the King...? 
Cid: Beats me. 
Mid: The people here who saw him say he was floating... 
Butz: Floating? 
Lenna: My father? 
Faris: Let's head for the desert! 
Galuf: But we can't get in! 
Faris: Something'll happen! 
Butz: Let's go then!! 

(In the desert) 
Galuf: Guess we can't get in... 
Cid: Wait! 
Mid: It's too early to give up! 
Cid: We'll make a bridge! 
Mid: Even though it's a little dangerous! 
Cid: Use this bell, and you can call the Sand Worm who lives in the desert! 
Mid: You guys'll take care of him! 
Cid: And that'll complete the bridge! 
Galuf: Isn't that a bit reckless!? 
Cid: Reckless? Look who's talking!! Ha ha ha!! 
Cid: Let's call the Sand Worm! All ready? 

(Answer no, and...) 
Cid: Well, take your time and get everything ready! 

(Answer yes, and...) 
Mid: If you use magic on the Sand Worm, things'll get tough! Be careful! 
Cid: Let's go!! 
(Fight with Sand Worm) 
Mid: We did it! 
Cid: Now we can get in!! 

Butz: Cid, Mid. While we're gone, can you take care of this black chocobo? 
Mid & Cid: Sure. Be careful! 

[In Lonka Ruins] 
Lenna: Father! 
Faris: Dad! 
Galuf: It's no use! He's being controlled by something! 

Lenna: Butz! Stop! 
Faris: Get out of the way! 
King: I'll make it easy for you four!!! 

(from meteor) Kururu: Grandpa! You're all right! 
All: ?!?! 

Galuf: Kururu... is that you? I couldn't wait to see you again... 
Lenna: Father! 
Faris: Dad! 

Kururu: He's OK. It was only a weak thunder magic! 

King: Urgh... it's... Lenna! Sarisa...? Sarisa, is it really you? 
It IS you, Sarisa! You're still alive!! 
Faris: Da... Dad!! 

Butz: Oh, rats! 
Galuf: Exdeath! 
Exdeath: Galuf... I have returned! Fwa, ha, ha!! Crystals!! Using this magic, become my power!! Make these people... disappear!! 
Butz: Drat!! Urgh... 
Lenna: Butz! Are you OK? 
Exdeath: The crystals have shattered! Now, Galuf! Your world!! 
Lenna: Father! 
Faris: Dad! 
King: Sarisa... Lenna... and you, Butz! Warriors from another world! 
There's something you must do! The world mustn't fall into the "mu"!! 
Light of the Earth... come to me... bring your spirit back!! 
Lenna: Father! 
Faris: Dad! 
King: Don't come any closer! 
Lenna: Be strong! 
Faris: Don't die!! 
King: Sarisa... I failed you... 
Lenna... Sarisa... both of you... gather your power... 
Butz... protect the two of them... please... 
Lenna: Father----!! 
Faris: Don't die!!!! 

[The brave spirits embedded in the crystals... Samurai... Dragoon... Dancer... Chemist] 

Butz: Huh!? 
Galuf: A meteor's falling!! 
Butz: Let's get out of here! Hurry, to the airship!! 
Faris: Lenna! Let's go!! 
(All head back to the airship) 

[Aboard the airship] 
Faris: Lenna... 
Lenna: Our father... he's... 
Butz: What is it, Galuf? 
Galuf: We've got to leave! 
Butz: Huh!? 
Galuf: My memory's returned. At last I can recall everything... Exdeath was an evil mage from our world. I and three other warriors, the Four Braves of Dawn, used the power of the crystals to seal him away. Then 30 years passed uneventfully... But something happened inside the crystals. We were concerned about that and so we boarded the meteors and returned to this world. 
Galuf: But we were too late... he had returned. 
Butz: Was it because we used too much of the crystals' power? 
Galuf: It was we who sealed Exdeath in this world... 
Galuf: At that time, it looked like it would be as he said, and we would be taken back to our own world. 

(At the meteor site) 
Butz: You're returning to your world? 
Galuf: It's essential that we seal Exdeath up. Fortunately we can still use the meteor we came here on. 
Galuf: It looks like it can only be used once... Butz, Lenna, Faris... thanks for everything. 
Butz: Wait! We'll come too! 
Galuf: Sorry, the meteor that brought Kururu here is the last one. And once we get back to our world, there's no way to return here! 
Galuf: Farewell! 
Kururu: Bye!! 
Butz: Galuf! Kururu! 

Lenna: Butz... 
Butz: What? 
Faris: The two of us were talking, and... 
Lenna: Galuf and Kururu are fighting Exdeath on the other world... 
Faris: We've got to avenge our father! 
Lenna: Yeah, and... 
Faris: Galuf's... 
Butz: ...our friend. 
Lenna: Butz! 
Faris: Well then! 
Butz: Let's go! To the other world!! 
Lenna: But how can we get there? 
Faris: There isn't enough energy left in the meteor to create a warp... 
Butz: Maybe Cid can think of something!! 

(At meteor site) 
Butz: Cid! Mid! What are... 
Cid: Butz, wait! It's dangerous!! 
Mid: The Adamant's begun to radiate energy... 
Cid: I think I'll go back to the library... wait here. 
Cid: What the!? The ground's sucking the energy from the Adamant! 
Lenna: Hey... Maybe if we revive the power from these meteors, we could get to Galuf's world... 
Butz: Yeah! 
Cid: What are you talking about? 
Cid: I see. So that's how things are... 
Mid: Since the piece of Adamant is small, it'll be impossible to get all the power. But if we acquire the power from the three remaining meteors... 
Butz: We can get to Galuf's world!! 
Cid: Well, we're off to the next meteor! 
Mid: Let's go!! 

(At the Lonka Meteor) 
Cid: Wait here! 
Mid: We'll be right back! 
Lenna: They're taking a while... 
Faris: Let's check it out! 
Cid: Help!! 
Mid: Uwaa---! Heeellpp!!! 
(Fight with Kimaira Brain) 
Lenna: Are you guys OK? 
Mid: Uh-huh! 
Cid: Man, that was scary! 

(Worus meteor) 
Cid: Wait here! 
Mid: Leave it to us! 
Cid (after a while): All done! 
Mid: Well then, let's be off! 
(A monster's lurking above them...) 
Butz: Cid, Mid! Look out! 
(Fight with Pyuroboros) 
Cid: Are you all right? 
Mid: Wow, you're strong! 

(Karnak meteor) 
Cid: Let's go, Mid! 
Mid: OK! 
Mid: It's scary in there! 
Cid: There are monsters in there!! 
(Fight with Titan) 
Cid: Well! Just leave the rest to us! 

Cid: We've got all four meteors lined up! Look at this map!! 
Mid: Hurry to the place where the energy of the four meteors is gathering! That's the warp point!! 
Cid: Be careful! 
Butz: Thanks, Cid & Mid!!! 

[Warp to Galuf's World] 
Lenna: The light is weakening... 
Butz: There isn't enough energy left in the meteor. 
Faris: We can only go once... 
Butz: It's a one-way ticket... We might not be able to get home... 

Lenna & Faris: That's OK, let's do it! 
Butz: All right then, let's go!! 

Lenna: So we're leaving this world... Goodbye... 
Faris: Hang in there, guys! 
Butz: I'll be back soon, Boko! 

[Jump into warp...]