[After defeating Exdeath] 
All: The crystals!! 
Butz: They're shattering! 

[All goes black...] 
Lenna: What's that!? 
Faris: Tycoon Castle? 
Lenna: Are we... back!? 

[In Tycoon Castle] 
Minister: Princess Lenna! Princess Sarisa! Welcome back! 
Lenna: Where's Father? 
Minister: Unfortunately, His Majesty has passed away... 
somehow we must all overcome this tragedy... but then, Princess Sarisa has returned to us alive, so... 
Faris: "Sarisa"... that's my real name? 
Minister: Yes, Your Highness. 
Faris: The name Dad gave me? 
Butz: Hey! 
Minister: Well, the banquet is all ready! Your friends can join in too! 

[at the banquet] 
Faris (in a fancy dress): I can't stand looking like this! 
Minister: Oh, don't say that, Your Highness! 
Faris: Huh!? 
[Faris walks out to throne room] 
All: Wow, she's so beautiful! 
Butz (with a heart above his head :): Yeah, she is... 
Kururu: Butz! You're blushing!! 
Butz: Oh, shut up... 
Guard: Dance, everybody!! 
Dancer 1: Lenna is so beautiful... and Sarisa is too! 
Dancer 2: So Princess Sarisa has begun calling herself Faris? 
Dancer 3: I hope Lenna and Sarisa never leave again! If they don't stay here... 

[Out on the balcony] 
Kururu: Grandpa... 
Butz: What's wrong? Are you thinking about Galuf? 
Kururu: Uh huh. But I'm not sad or anything... just a little nervous. I feel like he wants us to hurry... 
Butz: OK, let's go then. 
Kururu: Huh? 
Butz: Why were we warped back to this world? We'd better look into it. 
Kururu: Yeah! 

Kururu: What about Lenna and Faris? 
Butz: What can we do? They're staying here. 
[Soldier runs into Tycoon] 
Soldier: So sorry! But I've got to deliver the news about the bridge in the west! It's all finished!! 
Butz: Maybe Boko is in that cave over there... 
Kururu: Who's Boko? 
Butz: My chocobo that I ride around on. 
Kururu: Really!? 
Butz: What? You don't believe me!? 
Kururu: But Butz, you're pathetic at riding the Hiryuu! Yet you can ride a chocobo? 
Butz: What are you talking about!? (pushes her) 
Kururu: Now you've done it! Take THIS!! (pushes him back) 
Butz: Drat! I'm no match for you... 

[At the cave] 
Butz: Boko! 
Boko: Kue--! 
Kururu: Hi, I'm Kururu. Nice to meet you. 
Butz: Kururu, you can talk to Chocobos!? 
Kururu: Well, just a little. It looks like he wants to introduce someone. 
(Boko and Kururu talk) 
Kururu: Wow! He has a wife! Her name is... Koko. 
Butz: Boko, so you've...! 
Butz: Boko, I need you to do something... 
Boko: Kue--! 
Kururu: He says he understands. 
Butz: Huh!? 
Kururu: He knows you've got to go on a long trip. 
Butz: Is that OK with you, Boko? 
(Boko talks to Koko) 
Butz: What's he saying? 
Kururu: He says he loves her... 
Butz: Hmph! 
Kururu: He's asking her to take care of their child while he's gone. 
Butz: Child!? 
Kururu: Koko's going to have a baby. She'll wait here for us. 
Butz: Thanks, Koko! 
Koko: Kue! 

[Our heroes hop on Boko and ride around... suddenly, northwest of Tycoon, they fall into a hole!] 
Butz: Owww!! 
Kururu: Guess we tried to jump too far... 
Butz: Boko! This is all your fault!! 
Boko: Kue! 
Kururu: You better not hit Boko! 

Kururu: Butz, what's that!? 
(Fight with Antlion) 

Butz: So this a monster nest... oh man, just what we need... 
Kururu: What'll we do? 
Boko: Kue... 

(a rope comes down from above and Butz can't get to it...) 
Butz: Will you quit that!? 
Faris (holding the rope): Admit you did wrong? OK, come on up! 
Butz: Faris!! 
Faris: Were you just going to leave me back there!? Don't do that again! 
Butz: But why did you... 
Faris: Come on, I'm no princess! (laughs) 
Kururu: Ouch! 
Butz: What happened? 
Kururu: I'm OK; it was just this little thorn. 
(Faris rejoins!) 

[Then, our heroes happen upon a small cave which wasn't there last time we visited this world... turns out it's Ghido's Dwelling! How didit get here? ...] 
Butz: Ghido! Hey!! 
Ghido: Sorry, sorry... I ended up here after the shock of the two worlds merging back into one... 
Ghido: And I couldn't do a thing! Ho, ho, ho!! 
Butz: Ghido... you say the two worlds merged into one...? 
Ghido: Hmmm... the legend couldn't be true, could it? Even I don't believe it... but supposedly, 1000 years ago, Butz's world and Kururu's world were one and the same. 
Butz: One world!? 
Ghido: Correct. 
Butz: Then why did the world split into two? 
Ghido: To seal off the power of "mu". 
Butz: "Mu"? 
Ghido: Yes. A thousand years ago, there was an powerful evil Enuo. The Enuo had the power to control the "mu". The battle continued on for quite a while, but finally the humans defeated him using the Twelve Legendary Weapons. But even they couldn't destroy the "mu" that the Enuo had created. 
So, as a last resort, the people split th crystals into two parts. And since they split the crystals, which keep the world in balance, the world itself split in two. 
And in the gap between the two worlds - the "Cleft of Dimension" - they sealed off the "mu". 
Butz: So what Exdeath was saying was true... 
Lenna: Returning the world to its original state... 
Faris: But the crystals were lost... 
Butz: The wind won't come back... the blessings of earth and water, the power of fire... they're gone, never to return... 

Kururu: Hey! This splinter hurts! 
Butz: Exdeath! 
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha... I turned myself into a little splinter, and I've been waiting for this very moment! 
My real objective is to get my hands on the power of the "mu" that's been sealed up in the Cleft of Dimension! 
Butz: What!? 
Exdeath: So that's why I had to return the world to its original form! Fwa, ha, ha! 

Ghido: It looks like the Cleft of Dimension is going to appear in this world! 
Faris: Is that where the "mu" is? 
Exdeath: Yes! That's the thing I'm after! And now I shall obtain the ultimate power, the power of "mu"! 
Butz: Not if we can help it! 

(Exdeath hits Ghido and Butz, and Tycoon is sucked into the "mu"!) 

Kururu: Tycoon Castle! 
Faris: Lenna!! 
Exdeath: Excellent! Behold, the power of "mu"! The ultimate power which shall devour everything! And soon it'll be all mine! 
Faris: Lenna! Why yoouuu----!!!! 

(Our heroes are shot by Exdeath) 

Exdeath: Die, you stupid fools!! 
Exdeath: Why you... you turtle! 
(Ghido and Exdeath fight) 
Exdeath: Hmm... you're not too bad! 
Ghido: Don't forget.. I've been around for 700 years! 

Exdeath: Now I'm all-powerful!! Stupid cretins! 

(At the Ancient Library) 
[I translated the quotes from all the scholars, since they're pretty important. But the numbers are the order in which *I* talked to them, so... by the way, I started in the lower left and went clockwise.] 
Scholar 1: It should take a while before Exdeath gains control of the "mu"... 
Scholar 2: Since the two worlds have combined into one, the Sealed Castle of Koozer should lie to the east of Tule. 
Scholar 3: Hmmm... if you put the two worlds together... that means the Ancient Library would be here... ah, now I get it... 
Scholar 4: Split the crystals in two, and the world splits in two... the power of "mu" wouldn't be sealed up if that hadn't happened. 
Scholar 5: Says here that there's a city sealed up in the Cleft of Dimension, where they've got fantastic magic, weapons, and armor from a thousand years in the past... Now that the Cleft of Dimension's appeared, I wonder where that city would be...? 
Scholar 6: Cid and Mid headed off the Crescent Island, and they haven't come back yet. 
Scholar 7: Since the world's merged into one, the Book of Sealings has become one as well.. 
Scholar 8: It's written here that there's an evil forest and cave sealed up in the Cleft of Dimension. 
Scholar 9: It's all useless anyway... even if we do manage to defeat Exdeath, the crystals are gone... 
Scholar 10: Exdeath's really a tree... I suppose that's why he turned himself into a splinter... 
Scholar 11: Supposedly, the places where the Slabs are located are guarded by Gargoyles. 
Scholar 12: Please prevent Exdeath from getting the power of "mu"! Shall I read to you from the Book of Sealings...? 
[Side note: Talk to the people on the top floor to get the Song of Magic (Maryoku no Uta) for your Bard.] 

[After passing the Ancient Tree uneventfully, (^_^;) our heroes arrive at the Desert] 
Butz: The quicksand's stopped! 
Kururu: Since the crystals shattered, the power of the earth is gone... 
Faris: The earth's weakened! 

(Fight with Gargoyles; the Book of Sealings rises up) 
Kururu: The Book of Sealings! 
"The place where the slab rests, sealed away with spirits of the past, guarded by the earth..." 

[Journey through the Pyramid; note that there's no boss at the top!] 
Got the 1st Slab!! 
Butz: Huh!? 
Kururu: There's some writing on the slab... "Bahamut, King of the Dragons,"... 
(Shot of the place where you landed the airship, way back in World 1... still remember this? ^^) 
Kururu: The peninsula's sinking!! (Bahamut flies through the air) 
Butz: Here he comes! 
Bahamut: I'll be waiting for you... at the top of the Northern Mountain... 
Faris: Look! The airship's floating this way! 

[On the way back, at the Ancient Tree] 
Kururu: Hiryuu! 
Faris: Lenna!! (Lenna's been possessed by Meryujiinu) 
Butz: Lenna! Snap out of it! 
Lenna: Now I've acquired this body... 
Faris: Lenna! 
(Exdeath's theme) 
Exdeath: Go, Meryujiinu! You who've been sealed in the Cleft of Dimension for a millennium... 
Butz: Exdeath! 
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha... the monsters in the Cleft of Dimension have now become my servants!! 
Butz: Urgh... 
Faris, Kururu: Lenna! Stop!! 
Exdeath: Killed at the hands of your own friend!! Fwa ha ha ha.... 
Butz: Exdeath... 
Exdeath: But first I'll do away with that turtle friend of yours, right in front of your very eyes! 

(The Ancient Library is sucked into the "mu"!) 
Exdeath: Soon, the whole world shall kneel down before me!! Fwa, ha, ha!!!! 
Butz: Len... na... ... stop... 
(The Hiryuu's desperate attack separates Lenna's body from that of the monster!) 
Butz: Now!! 

(Fight with Meryujiinu) 

Butz: Lenna! 
Lenna: Butz, I... 
Faris: Lenna! 
Lenna: Faris, Kururu... the castle... I was trapped in the darkness too... 
Faris: We understand... try not to talk... 

(Lenna rejoined!) 

[Back on the airship] 
Lenna: The entrance to the Cleft of Dimension is where the castle used to be... 
Kururu: We've gotta hurry! Before Exdeath gets the "mu"! 
Faris: But Ghido said we'd never be able to win with the strangth we've got now... 
Butz: But the Twelve Legendary Weapons in the Sealed Castle of Koozer... let's hurry up and go there! 

(Cut scene in the Cleft of Dimension) 
Exdeath: This power of "mu"... can't I control it? "Mu"!! Show me your power!! 
Go! Destroy the world!! Show me the true power of "mu"!! 
(Several cities are sucked into the mu) 

Kururu: Towns are being sucked into the "mu"!! 
Butz: Exdeath!! Stooooopppp---!!! 
(The Moogle Forest gets sucked into the mu) 
Moogles: Kupo--!! Kururu! Kupo!! 
(Lix gets sucked in as well) 
People in Lix: Buuuutz--!! Heeeelp! 
Lenna: Oh my... 
Faris: Butz, your home... the town of Lix... 
Kururu: My gosh... this is... 
Butz: Aaaargggghhhhhh------!!!! 
(Butz flies the airship around the world several times ^_^)