[At Illucia, the Town of Illusion] 
1: We live in the Cleft of Dimension... travelling through time... 
2: This is the town of illusion... it drifts through the Cleft of Dimension... 
3: You can speak to us!? Have we returned to the real world? 
4: In the Cleft of Dimension, time stops in this town... 
5: A milllennium ago, I saw it... the world split in two... 
6: A strange bird showed up here... 
7: There's a Phoenix Tower in the desert. Supposedly, that's where a dead dragon will revive in the form of a phoenix... 
8: The evil mage Enuo who tried to take over the world using the power of the mu... he was sucked into the "mu" and disappeared. 
9: This town is an illusion; it appears and disappears... 
We're travellers who come to life once every thousand years... Hey, that would make a nice song! What do you think? 
10: Now that time has returned to this town, does that mean that the "mu" has reappeared? 
Bartender: The Enuo was immortal. But in exchange for acquiring the power of "mu", he lost his invulnerable body. 
12: You know what I think I'll do? ... Yeah, that's the ticket! I'll ride all the way around the world on a chocobo! 
13: There are two of each kind of merchant in this town. 

[Cut scene before entering the Shrine on the Solitary Island] 
Exdeath: Ah, my servants! Monsters of the Cleft of Dimension! Those warriors who are being guided by the light of the crystals are now after the ancient slabs... we mustn't let the slabs fall into their hands! The consequences would be disastrous! 
Monster: We'll stop them! 
Exdeath: Go, my monsters!! And I shall have the power of "mu" for my very own! 

[Back at the shrine...] 
"The place where the slab rests in an island shrine, guarded by the wind..." 

[After defeating the boss "Stalker"] 
Got the 2d Slab! 
The Fork Tower, where the ultimate white magic lies, is opened! 
Kururu: There's something written on the slab... 
"The tower where the ultimate white magic lies... the Fork Tower... is split into two parts. If the two magics at the top of each tower aren't taken simultaneously, the tower will explode." 

[At the Fork Tower] 
Kururu: The tower'll explode if we don't take the two magics at the same time...? 
Butz: So we have to split into two groups... 

(Split into two parties... which side will Butz go on?) [Repeat this for all four members.] 

[At the top of the Strength Tower] 
We've got to take them at the same time! 
People at the other tower: Got it! 
[Battle with "Minotaur" and "The All-Knowing"; get "Holy" and "Flare"] 
Butz: The tower's disappearing! 
(Go into the Catapult to meet Cid and Mid again) 

[Acquiring the Submarine] 
Mid: Almost done! 
Kururu: Cid's doing his best. 
Mid: My grandpa... he thinks that it's all his fault that the world turned out like this... 
Kururu: But it's not because of his... 
Mid: Yeah, he knows that. So now he wants to make sure that his inventions are used for peace. 
Cid: All finished! 
Cid: If you want to go underwater, select "down" and press the "A" button. 
Butz: Thanks, Cid! Thanks, Mid! 
Cid: Butz... 
We can't wield swords or anything... all we can do is technologial stuff. 
Cid: But we'll do everything we can! We'll leave the rest to you... 
Butz: OK, let's go! 
Lenna: So now we can go under water? 
Faris: There's another slab under the ocean floor... 
Kururu: Take care of Cid! 
Mid: Come back again sometime, OK... 

(While chasing the third slab, our heroes find themselves in... the Dwarf Kingdom!) 
Dwarf 1: Lali-ho!! We've only got 5 people, but it's still a great 
kingdom, lali! 
Dwarf 2: Do you know the "Magic Lamp"? If you go back to where you were before, the lamp's power'll revive. 
Dwarf 3: Lalibo's off digging a tunnel, lali! Says he's gonna go all the 
way around the world! 
Lalibo: I've dug all this way, but there's something weird about 
the ground above, lali! Must be forest up there. (Shot of map) 
(The 5th dwarf is selling some equipment in the other room.) 

(In the Istory Waterfall Cave) 
[B7F] Got the 4th slab! 
Little red monster: That slab... I can't let that out of my hands... If Exdeath gets the "mu", a world of us monsters will be born! And I can't let you interfere!! 
(Leviathan crushed the monster!) 
Leviathan: My power of water cleanses and flows over everything... and you who have the power to fight the "mu"... I'll never give it to the likes of you! 
(Fight with Leviathan) 
Call Monster "Leviathan"! 

Odin: So, you came here to defeat me? But I haven't the time to fight with you... I'll give you 1 minute; is that all right? 
(Say yes, and...) 
After a minute passes, I shall slice through you without mercy. Do you still wish to fight me? 
(Fight with Odin) 
Odin: Enough! 
Call Monster "Odin"! 

[At the top of the Northern Mountain] 
[Bahamut flies to the mountain] 
Bahamut: You who open the seals... defeat me, and my power will be yours! 
(Fight with Bahamut) 
Call Monster "Bahamut"! 

[Pirates' base, revisited] 
Faris: Syldra! I knew you were still alive! 
Butz: Hey Faris, what's going on? 
Lenna: Yeah, what are you looking at? 
Faris: But... but Syldra was right there... 
Kururu: He's called Syldra? 
Faris: Kururu!! You see him!? 
Kururu: Syldra's spirit says that he wants to help you, Faris... 
Faris: Really...? 
Kururu: Syldra's so sweet. 
Call Monster "Syldra"! 

Pirate: Chocobos are so cute once you get used to 'em! I wonder if Koko's baby'll be born soon... 
Drunk pirate: Hic--! 
Koko: Kue! Kue! 
Kururu: She says to be careful. Thanks! 
Pirate on bridge: One time my uncle rescued this little girl in the water... she kept calling herself "Farifa", we named her "Faris". 
Pirate: Our captain's really the princess of Tycoon! Get a load of that! 
Old guy: That bird Boko's feeling all better now! They're even gonna have a child! Ha ha ha! (Exdeathian laugh) 
Pirate: We're so selfish... that's the pirate business for ya! 
Pirate: 'Cause of the earthquake, this base ended up being connected to that cave... 
Pirate: Don't worry, Captain. We'll be OK while you're gone! 
Another drunk pirate: Captain--! I love you so much! Hic--! 

[At the top of the Phoenix Tower] 
[Lenna's flashback scene] 
Lenna: You mean there's nothing we can do to save Mother? 
King: I tried doctors... the sickness can only be cured with the tongue of a Hiryuu. 
King: Lenna! What do you think you're doing with that knife!? ... I can't believe you! 
King: Wait! 
Jenica: I'll handle this. 

Jenica: Lenna! If you kill that Hiryuu, they'll become extinct. And... your mother dearly loved that dragon. Even then, you wuld cut out its tongue? 
(If you answer "yes") 
King: You fool! (He hits Lenna) 
(If you answer "no") 
Jenica: Your father comes here every day and grieves. But... it's all right. 

Lenna: Oh... Mother... (she cries) 

The Hiryuu became "Phoenix", and entrusted its spirit and power to Lenna... 
Call Monster "Phoenix"! 
Lenna: Thank you... Hiryuu... 

[In the sunken Tower of Worus... remember that one crystal chip that you just couldn't get? ^_^] 
Gogo: Finally I've got the great power of this crystal chip. And I won't give it to anybody! So just do as I say and drop it! 
(If you don't...) 
Gogo: My name is Gogo! 
The famous Mimic! 
Since the secret to being a Mimic is mimicing... 
I'm going to do whatever you do! 
If you fight, I'll fight... 
If you use magic, I will too. 
If you do what I do, you can surely win! 

(Fight with Gogo...?) 

Gogo: I give up! 
Just like I said! 
If I don't do anything... 
you mimic that! 
That is, it's OK if you don't do a thing. 
That's what being a mimic is! 
You passed! 
Farewell! (Casts "Degeon" = "X-Zone") 

[Entering the "mu"!] 
Kururu: What's that!? 
Lenna: The entrance to the Cleft of Dimension! 
Faris: We're being sucked in! 
Butz: We're gonna fall into the "mu"! 

[After desert part...] 
Monster:We monsters, who've been sealed here in the Cleft of Dimension for a millennium... Exdeath has released the power of "mu", and a world of darkness shall be born! Our world!! 
You won't stand in our way... you'll die here in the Cleft of Dimension! Thanks to our dark powers!! Fwa ha ha... 

[There's no boss in the ruins part] 

[After forest part...] 
Karophysteli: Now it's time for a little nap in the forest... forever!! 
(Fight with Karophysteli) 

[Then comes a waterfall/cave, then you enter a room with some books..] 
Apanda: So, you got this far... But nonetheless your lives have come to an end! This book is a dimensional switch, and your fates were sealed the moment you disturbed it! 
(Fight with Apanda) 

Book from 1000 years ago: Suddenly it appeared in the sky! Omega, the monster without a soul! And the Shinryuu that followed it... even the brave warriors with the Twelve Legendary Weapons are no match for them! Best not to disturb them; let them rest quietly in the Cleft of Dimension... 
Mage's book: At last I've got it... the secret of Giga Flare! During the instant when he powers up his magic, he's defenseless! [This refers to... well, you'll see!] 

[Deeper into the Cleft of Dimension] 
Gilgamesh: Butz? Is that you? If it is, say so!! All these monsters are so scary... and I can't find the exit... I think I'm gonna cry! ... But where did you come from? 
Butz: Well, we entered the "mu"... etc., etc... 
Gilgamesh: Ah ha! Then we can get out! 
Butz: ... 
Gilgamesh: (realizes that Butz can't leave) Oh... well then... surely we'll meet again! If we're still alive, that is... but we will meet, I'm sure of it! And we'll fight as friends! Until then... 

[During the fight with Necrophobia] 
Butz: Gilgamesh! 
Gilgamesh: Well, there's still time! I wasn't about to go into history looking like that! 
Necrophobia: Hey, what's going on here!? I suppose I'll do away with you, too! 
(Necrophobia fights Gilgamesh) 
Gilgamesh: (to Necrophobia) Hmph! Gotta hand it to you; you're top-notch! You can even defeat the great Gilgamesh...? 
Gilgamesh: Kururu... your father was such a strong man... 
Kururu: Grandpa... 
Gilgamesh: Faris... if you were to fall in love, you might be more feminine... 
Faris: ... 
Gilgamesh: Lenna! You're so kind to all living things... don't ever forget that gentle spirit... 
Gilgamesh: Butz! I wanted to duel with you one-on-one... you have such good friends! 
Butz: Gilgamesh... 
Necrophobia: Die!! (casts Flare) 
Gilgamesh: (to Butz) You're supposed to say that! 

[After saving at the point created by Necrophobia, our heroes meet Exdeath!] 

Exdeath: Too late! Fwa, ha, ha!! At last I've got it! The ultimate power... power that can rule the entire world! The power of... "mu"!! 
And now I'll dispose of you meddling fools! First, your friends!! Watch me suck them into the "mu"! 

[Exdeath sends some more towns into the "mu"] 

Butz: Stooop!! 
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!! Now I'll make you disappear into the mu as well! 
[Exdeath creates "mu" in front of Butz and the party and sucks them in!] 

Dorgan: Butz, get up! 

[The Four Braves of Dawn suddenly appear! Galuf, Kelgar, Zeza, and Dorgan!] 
Butz: Dad! Zeza! Kelgar! 
[Galuf appears] 
Kururu: Grandpa!! 
Butz: Galuf!! 

Galuf: Presenting... The Light Warriors!! Butz, Lenna, Faris and Kururu... while we hold back the "mu", defeat Exdeath! Only you, the Light Warriors, can save the world from the darkness! Go!! 
Exdeath: What?? Why is the power of "mu" disappearing!? Aaarrghhh... take this! 
Lenna: Father! 
Faris: Dad! 
The Four Braves of Dawn: Now! Go defeat Exdeath! Go, Light Warriors! 

[Our heroes nod to one another] 
Butz: Here we come, Exdeath!! 
[Fight and Exdeath gets sucked into the "mu"!] 
Exdeath: Why...!? I had the power of "mu"... What the... 
Neo-Exdeath: I am NeoExdeath... I shall destroy all memory, all existence, and all dimensions... 
then I too shall disappear... forever!! 
[You've reached the final battle!! You can do it!! ^^]