[12] (On Ghido's island) 
Butz: Where are we? 
Galuf: We're at the Sage Ghido's dwelling! 
Lenna: Let's go! 
Faris: Wait!! 
Butz: An earthquake!? 
Butz: The island...!? (Island shakes) 
Galuf: Let's get back to the Hiryuu!! 

(Ghido's island sinks into the water; meanwhile, in Exdeath's castle...) 

Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha!! This is what happens to those who oppose me!! 

[13] (Our heroes head for Surgate) 
Guard: Who are you people!? 
Other soldier: This is King Galuf of Bal!! 
Soldier: King Zeza is leading our Surgate Fleet against Exdeath's castle. 
Galuf: Really? 
Faris: Zeza's one of the Four Braves of Dawn? 
Butz: My father's partner in battle. 
Soldier: Come this way! 
Soldier: Please feel free to use any of the items in the castle. 
Galuf: Thank you! 

[14] (At Zeza's Fleet, southeast of Exdeath's castle) 
Zeza: What? A Hiryuu!? 
(Soldiers line up) 
Zeza: Wait! They aren't enemies! 
Zeza: So, it's you, Galuf! 
Galuf: Zeza! It's been a while! 
Zeza: Who are these people? 
Galuf: Dorgan's son... 
Zeza: Dorgan!? 
Galuf: And these two are members of the royal family on the other world. 
Zeza (to Butz, Lenna, and Faris): I am Zeza, the swordsman. 
Galuf: Not "King Zeza"? 
Zeza: Nah, somehow the title "King" just doesn't suit me... 
Galuf: Yeah, me too! (they laugh) 

Galuf: Can we get into Exdeath's castle? 
Zeza: Well, we're trying! 
Zeza: Anyway, for now go inside and rest! 

(While resting...) 
Sailor: Ahhh! Monsters!!! 
Sailor: They're attacking!! 
Galuf: A pincer attack? 
Zeza: I'll take this one! 
Galuf: Don't let him get away! 
Zeza: Yeah, look who's talking! 
Zeza: Grrrraaaahhh---!! 

Gilgamesh: Ah, the blue sky! The vast oceans! Who DARES to bother me while I'm enjoying this!? 

(Battle with Gilgamesh) 

Gilgamesh: You no-good jerk-noggins! I won't forget this! 
(On edge of boat) 
Galuf: Argh! My hands are slipping! 
Zeza: Hang on until I get there! 
Galuf: I can't!! I can't take it any more! 
Galuf: Hiryuu!! 
Zeza: Well, they'll probably attack here, so follow me! 

Zeza: Lift the other side of this chest! 
Zeza: All right, here we go! 
Galuf: What's this? 
Zeza: This ship is actually in disguise. It's a submarine. We're going to enter the Barrier Tower from the ocean floor. 
Galuf: Ah ha... 
Zeza: We're all finished with the tunnel to the Barrier Tower, so let's be off! 

Zeza: Descend! Let's move! 
Galuf: Is this the Barrier Tower? 
Zeza: Right. If we can break the lever, the tower will be destroyed. 
Zeza: I'll head for the engine room down below. On the top floor, there should be an antenna. While I've got the power shut down, you break the antenna. 
Zeza: Here, take this. (Gives them "Hisohi sou") 
Galuf: What's that? 
Zeza: We can use it to communicate. Now let's go! 

Zeza: Can you... hear me? 
Butz: Is that from the Hisohi sou? 
Galuf: It's Zeza! 
Zeza: Can you hear me? 
Galuf: Loud and clear! 
Zeza: Here, everything's secure! ... 
Galuf: Zeza, what's going on? 
Zeza: It's nothing! Now hurry up and get to the top floor! 
Galuf: Roger! 

Galuf: Zeza: We're at the top floor! 
Zeza: OK, roger! 
Zeza: Now! Destroy the antenna! 
Atomos: I won't let you do as you please!! 
(Fight with Atomos) 
Butz: We did it! 
Galuf: Zeza, do you copy? The antenna's destroyed! 
Zeza (to himself): Drat, no escape! 
Galuf, it's dangerous up there! Hurry up and get out! The pent-up energy here has no place to go and there's going to be an explosion! 
Lenna: The Hiryuu! Let's ride! 
Galuf: Zeza, we'll save you! 
Zeza: Now, wait in the sub! I'm fine; I'll meet you later! 
Galuf: No way!! Do you want to die down there? 
Butz: Galuf, that's too dangerous! 
Galuf: But... 
Butz: Lenna and Faris will go first 
Galuf: Zeza, you knew this would happen! And you sacrificed yourself anyway!? 
Zeza: Wait in the sub! I promise I'll come! Over and out! 
Galuf: Zezaaaa---!! 
Galuf: Of course he knew... but there was no way he could send you... 
Zeza: Four new warriors, protected by the crystal shards... I'll have to trust you to defeat Exdeath... Galuf, Butz, Lenna, Faris... I leave the rest to you. 
Zeza: Don't worry... I'd save you any time... 
Galuf: Zezaaaa-----! 
Butz: There's nothing we can do... 

(Galuf waits for Zeza at the bottom) 
Galuf: ...Butz... go in the submarine... 
Butz: Galuf... Zeza was... 
Galuf: It was my final promise to him... let me keep it. 

Butz: Galuf... let it go... in that explosion, he... 
Galuf: Just let me wait a little longer... just a little longer... 
Galuf: Zeza... you had to do it all yourself... 
Faris: Since we've got the sub, maybe we can get to Ghido's sunken dwelling... 
Butz: Yeah. you're right. 
Butz: How's Galuf? 
Lenna: If we rest a bit first, he'll be fine. 
Butz: OK, let's go! 

In the Great Forest of Muah... 
[after Exdeath burns everything] 
Lenna: What's that? 
Galuf: The Ancient Tree... it guards the seal. 
[the branch flies into the air] 
Butz: The branch!! 

[inside the tree] 
Butz: What's that thing? 
Galuf: It's the guardian of the seal... here it comes!! 
[Battle with Fuuin Sareshi Mono... then Exdeath shows up] 

Exdeath: So, you managed to break the seal... I knew you could do it. I can't thank you enough... fwa ha ha... 
Galuf: Exdeath! 
Exdeath: Thanks to you four, the seal has been opened! 
Butz: Huh!? 
Galuf: The crystal? 
Exdeath: The crystals' power that binds me... shall soon be mine! 
Exdeath: Ha ha... kneel down in reverence to the crystals!!! 
[Meanwhile, at Bal Castle] 
Kururu: My heart... uh oh, I wonder if anything's happened to Grandpa... 
Moogle: Kupo!! 
Kururu: In the Great Forest of Muah? 

Exdeath: Now, you're finished! Die!! 
Kururu (stuns Exdeath): Grandpa! Butz! Lenna! Faris!! 
Galuf: What happened to Exdeath? 
Kururu: He'll be OK... but he won't be able to move for a while. 
Huh!? [crystals glow] 
Exdeath (to Kururu): Why you...! (traps Kururu in a wall of flame) 
Kururu: What are you doing!?! 
Exdeath: Die!! 
Kururu: Grand...pa....! 
Galuf: Ku...ru...ru...! 
Exdeath: How about this, Galuf? Try to stop me, and the crystals shatter! 
Galuf: Kururu! (Exdeath uses a blue tractor beam) 
Galuf: Exdeath!! (walks right through the beam) 

(Galuf & Exdeath fight) 

Exdeath: Take this! 
Exdeath: Now I'm serious! And you're headed for the world of death! Hahahaha!! 
(Galuf's HP falls to 0, but he can still fight) 
Exdeath: Why don't you die!? 
Galuf: I'm not ready to go yet! Burn me all you want; I'll still defeat you!! 
Exdeath: Anger and hate won't be enough to destroy me...! 
Galuf: ... It's not anger... or hate... 
Exdeath: Then, .... 
[Beam opens; Exdeath vanishes] 
Kururu: Grandpa! 
Lenna, Butz: Galuf! Get up!! 
Galuf: I can't... go on... 
Butz: Galuf! What are you saying? 
Lenna: Galuf! 
Faris: Stand up!! 
Kururu: Open your eyes!! 
Galuf: Butz... Lenna... Faris, and Kururu...please... defeat Exdeath...! 
Kururu: Grandpa! Don't die!! 
Butz: Don't die, Galuf! "Cure 3"! 
Lenna: Please! "Raise"! 
Kururu: "Phoenix Down"! "Elixir"! 

Galuf's vitality ran out... 

Kururu: Grandpa! No! Don't die!! 

Kururu: ... Grandpa's calling me! 
Butz: Kururu... 
Kururu: Grandpa? 
Galuf: I'm giving you the power that's protected the crystals for 1000 years... the power that came from the Ancient Tree... 
Kururu (Galuf's image fades): No! Come back! 
Galuf: Kururu, you won't be alone... you know that, don't you? 

Kururu received all of Galuf's abilities! 

Kururu: This warmth.. I can feel Grandpa inside! 
Galuf: I'll always be with you, Kururu... 
Kururu: I understand. What about Exdeath...? 
Butz: Kururu! 
Kururu: Butz, Lenna, Faris... I'll fight with you! 
Butz: Kururu... 
Kururu: Exdeath's trying to destroy all the crystals... that's what Grandpa said. We have to hurry! Let's go, to Exdeath's castle!! 
Kururu: Hiryuu!! 
(Our heroes hop on the Hiryuu) 

[Exdeath's Castle 3F] 
Butz: It's a dead end... what's up, Kururu? 
Kururu: It's an illusion... created by Exdeath! 
Lenna: How do you know? 
Kururu: Help us, Grandpa...! 

[Cut to Kelgar's house in Quelb...] 
Kelgar: Galuf too... Dorgan, Zeza, Galuf... they're all gone... cough, cough... 
And I'm not long for this world either... 
Wolves: Kelgar!! 
Kelgar: I think it's time for me to sleep, too... 
[Image of Galuf appears] 
Wolves: Who's there!? 
Kelgar: Galuf, is that you? Something's happened to Kururu?

Galuf... everyone... lend them your power! 
Wolves: Kelgar! 
Kelgar: Break the illusion!

I'll send my last bit of life to you in Exdeath's castle! 
Wolves: Kelgar! 
Kururu: Grandpa... and you wolves, too! 
Butz: Did Kelgar do this? [cool buzzing sound ^_^] 
Kururu: Everyone did! 
[the true form of the castle is revealed... and the way to the uppoer floors opens] 

[9F - Battle with Carbuncle] 
[11F] (after opening empty treasure chest) 
Butz: Gilgamesh! 
Gilgamesh: Ha ha! I've got what was in there! 
Gilgamesh: So, we meet for the fourth time... somehow, I'm glad! 
Gilgamesh: Hey, what happened to that old man? 
Kururu: In the battle with Exdeath... 
Gilgamesh: ...... oh...

Ah well... time to start really fighting! "Gilgamesh Change!"

Now I'll test this sword... it's got as much power as Excalibur, you know!

Grrr! (misses) What the!? This is the world's strongest sword! 
Exdeath (suddenly appears): Gilgamesh! 
Gilgamesh: ... 
Exdeath: You useless fool! I'm sending you to the Cleft of Dimension! 
Gilgamesh: No way! You've gotta forgive me... 
Exdeath: Shut up! (casts Degeon) 
Gilgamesh: Aaahhhh! 

[22] [Exdeath's Castle 13F] 
Exdeath: Out of my way! 
Butz: Exdeath! We won't let you get away with this! 
Exdeath: Fwa, ha, ha! Do you even know what it is that I'm doing? 
Butz: What!? 
Exdeath: I'm returning the world to its original state! 
Butz: You mean a world of evil! 
Exdeath: Not, that's not it... you don't understand, do you? 
... No matter! I won't let you stand in my way! 

[Battle with Exdeath...]